This is our Thank You page! Without our funders and friends “Alive Inside” would never have been made! Together we won Sundance, Milan, Provincetown, Washington West, Berkshires, Sonoma and changed many lives and helped Music and Memory become a real force for change!

Thanks from the CREW!

Thanks from the TEAM!

Thanks for helping us win at SUNDANCE!

Special thanks to the Alive Inside angels- our Executive Producers!

  • The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation
  • Geralyn Dreyfous
  • Abigail Van Buren
  • Daniel E. Cattulo lll
  • Ben Spivak
  • Eric J. Bertrand
  • Limore Shur
  • Patricia Clair Piland
  • Dan Cogan


  • Terri Bullock
  • Perlita Sultan
  • Robert Brandieis Bennett
  • Jon Webster
  • Rachel Weingiest
  • Norman Hardie
  • Bill Soward
  • Richard Casavechia
  • The Wilson Family
  • Doug Thompson
  • Alzheimer Society of Toronto
  • The Derek Freese Documentary Fund
  • Steve Baronoff
  • Patrick Ramsey
  • Jack McDonald
  • Sarah Castillio
  • Michael McIvor
  • Kathryn Stebner


  • Neil Stuber
  • Rachel Francine Tubman
  • Kendra Arnold
  • George Maryniuk
  • Laura K McKenna
  • Bruce Levy
  • daybreak Inc.
  • Anna Saxon
  • iV
  • Ram and Einat Burshtine
  • Eric J. Bertrand
  • Patrick Ramsey

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